Monday, July 20, 2015

Moving to Ireland? Where to take your driving test!

Are the people in the west of Ireland naturally better drivers than those in the east? Or do they have better instructors there? I only ask because I was looking at the driving test pass rates for each test center and it definitely looks like a new driver would have a much better chance of passing the test if they found a test center west of the Shannon.

If I had to take the driving test in the near future and I had a choice as to where, (based on the last three years' pass rates) I'd try to book my test in one of these (in order):
  1. Sligo
  2. Ennis
  3. Tuam
  4. Clifden
  5. Carrick-on-Shannon
I would try to avoid these centers (in order):
  1. Rathgar
  2. Naas
  3. Tallaght
  4. Raheny
  5. Carlow
However, an overall theme is basically - head west, but avoid the Shannon center, which has had a pass rate of less than 50%.* If you're in that area, head to Ennis, where the pass rate is nearer 70%.

I really wish I could plot these rates on a map, but I don't have those skills.

Kilrush had a bad 2013 in terms of the pass rate, but seems to have righted the ship in 2014.